5 things you need to know about the Weymouth Peninsula development

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This is the first in a three part series that aims to address some of the more commonly asked questions about the Peninsula development!

1. What is currently happening?

The outline planning application will soon be assessed by the planning team. Key stakeholders and members of the public have submitted their comments and any points that relate to the application will be reviewed before the application is taken to Planning Committee. At this point the application will be judged on its own merits and in accordance with official planning policy.

2. What is an outline planning application?

Applications for outline planning permission seek to establish whether the scale and nature of a proposed development would be acceptable to the local planning authority, before a fully detailed proposal is put forward. It does not include detailed design, e.g. the colour or look of the buildings, where disabled parking spaces will be, or what leisure companies might be on the site. These points will be considered at a later date.

3. What are the Council’s considerations in its role as developer and planning authority?

The considerations are completely separate. Officers involved with the development of the Peninsula proposals are within the Assets and Infrastructure Service and have no involvement with processing the planning application. Members of the Council’s Planning Committee will judge the application on its merits in due course.

4. Why does the council wish to develop the site?

This important and high-profile site has become rundown and needs regenerating. The Peninsula proposals have gone through multiple periods of public engagement and have received input from leading market experts, as well as local businesses and stakeholders.

The decision to follow a leisure-led scheme was taken by the council’s management committee in 2016. It was informed by expert reports, consultation results and accords with the council’s policies.

The outline planning application submitted in May 2018 is consistent with the town centre Masterplan’s overarching aim, and shared vision, of transforming the town into a year-round destination.

5. Is the scheme viable?

Yes, the financial case has been investigated and modeled by the council’s consultants Cushman & Wakefield to ensure it is viable and realistic, with a clear long term return for the council through rents and leasehold agreements. This is why it is important to have a mix of leisure, restaurants, hotels and public space on the site.

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