Regulatory Excellence Awards Highly Commended Hillingdon Ports Team

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Hillingdon Ports Team received a Highly Commended award in the Product Safety category at the Regulatory Excellence Awards in June 2019.

Since 2017 Hillingdon Trading Standards have effectively managed the safety of imported goods into the EU. They have built effective relationships with Heathrow Airport, importers and other enforcement agencies.

Between 2018/2019 the team have identified different unsafe goods that could have had disastrous consequences for the public. For example, in April 2019 Hillingdon Ports Team routinely removed from circulation up to 3,000 kg illegal skin lightening creams that can lead to long term health problems.

From left to right in the photograph: King-Yip Cheung, Senior Trading Standards Officer, Hillingdon Ports Team, Martin Traynor OBE, Small Business Crown Representative, Phil Jenkins, Senior Trading Standards Officer, Hillingdon Ports Team and Huw Jones, Assistant Director Enforcement, Office for Product Safety and Standards.

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