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THE University of Chichester is the first provider of social work training to have its Degree Apprenticeship for Social Work approved by the Health Care Professions Council since the publication of social worker degree standards in November last year.

It joins three other providers which have Health Care Professions Council approval and it is the only university south of the Midlands to achieve this.

The University’s BA (Hons) Social Work Degree Apprenticeship (Social Worker) will allow those who work in social care to combine study with work for one day a week over a three-year period. The result is a qualification as a professional social worker and registration with the Health Care Professions Council.

At a time when local authorities around the country report a shortage of qualified social workers, and social workers themselves experience a strain in service provision, the new degree apprenticeship is welcomed by the profession and local government employers – not least because the programme has been created with input from West Sussex County Council.

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